Coaching in Education Annual Survey report 2017


Thank you to those who have completed the 2017 Coaching in Education Annual Industry Survey!

Coaching in education has been growing and evolving in recent years. We know from case studies, anecdotal evidence and educators that coaching and mentoring are now recognised as important approaches for supporting, developing and leading others in educational settings.


The Coaching in Education Annual Survey was developed as a way to attempt to measure and track the extent, application and impact of coaching in education.

It is our goal that this survey will become an important planning, benchmarking and evaluation tool for educational leaders. Over time the comparative data should begin to show trends and changes on year by year basis.

This is the second Coaching in Education Annual Survey; the inaugural survey having been launched in 2016. In that year responses were received from 643 participants. In 2017 we received 529 responses and now, for the first time, we are able to compare data with that of the previous year and highlight some areas for further reflection.

It’s important to note that this survey represents a small slice of data from the education sector and it therefore needs to be read with some caution.

The survey was carried out online and is anonymous. Where respondents’ comments have been included we have selected them randomly and have included both positive and negative views.

What seems to be becoming clear from this survey is that conversation is at the heart of school improvement initiatives. The current thinking about organisations has highlighted the fact that conversations – the way people talk to each other, and how well they do this - is at the core of what moves things forward, enabling organisations to grow, improve and be successful. In this survey report you will see some of the impact that coaching is having on those conversations.

You can find the report here Coaching in Education Annual Survey Report 2017_copywriteGCI.pdf