Consultancy Services

Engaging GCI as consultants provides a contextually tailored support and implementation service. Consultancy arrangements allow our clients to access our time, knowledge and experience as well as our facilitation and coaching skills.

The focus of a consultancy engagement could be implementation and tracking change over time and/or sustaining coaching practice over time through a highly contextualised combination of individual or team coaching, in-house courses and/or further tailored training sessions with a group or sub-groups.

What we bring to consultancy:
  • Solutions Focus infused coaching (modelling)
  • Expert facilitation
  • Implementation experience and understanding
  • An independent perspective
  • Supportive accountability for seeing things through
  • Deeper coaching skill development through further exploration of key aspects of courses
  • A contextually respectful and empathetic lens

A typical Solution-Focused Strategy Canvas service would involve:

The Solution-Focused Strategy Canvas guided planning and implementation process is a team coaching methodology that helps teams to clarify, prioritise and build commitment to achieving selected goals. The process provides participants with a framework for strategic contextual implementation, team thinking, collaboration and tracking progress.

This is a facilitated process based on the skilled use of Solutions Focus (SF) tools and underpinned by SF principles. An experienced GCI consultant will work with your team over 50 to 100 days with progress check-ins to ensure implementation of key priorities.

The design and delivery pattern for the Strategy Canvas process can be tailored to the individual needs of the client.

A typical approach would be as follows:

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