Intensive Coaching Module

(Formerly Phase 4)

The Intensive Coaching Module is designed to further develop your coaching practice through applying your coaching skills and knowledge and extending your experience. It is for those who have already engaged in extensive coaching learning as in the Coaching Accreditation Program (Phase 1-3), Online Coaching Accreditation Program or Coaching in Leadership course.


$2150 (+ GST)

Intensive Coaching Module $2150 + GST

About Intensive Coaching Module

The Intensive Coaching Module, with the support of an experienced GCI Coach/Supervisor, provides the opportunity to apply learning about a coaching framework, skills and way of being and to reflect on your evolving practice as a coach. This is achieved by:

  • Gaining additional insights into coaching through the experience of being coached by your skilled GCI Coach
  • Receiving coaching supervision for the coaching that you undertake with real coachees in your workplace
  • Receiving feedback on your coaching through the Coach the Coach process
  • Ongoing structured written reflection on the experience of coaching your coachees and your own development

Specifically, the Intensive Coaching Module comprises the following activities:

  • Reading the Information for Participants booklet prior to session 1 with your coach.
  • Six 1-hour sessions with your coach who will provide you with support and supervision of your coaching. 
  • Coaching 2 coachees, who you select, for 6 x 1 hour sessions each, submitting a coaching log of sessions completed for each.
  • Writing a brief, structured reflection on each of the 6 sessions with one of your coachees with each reflection used as the basis of the next session with your coach.
  • Completing a Coach the Coach session, coaching your coach, engaging in a reflective conversation about your coaching and receiving written feedback.
  • Writing a short, reflective summary of key insights gained from your coaching journey through ICM receiving affirming, developmental feedback.


$2150 (+ GST)

Intensive Coaching Module $2150 + GST

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Intensive Coaching Module (Formerly Phase 4)

The Intensive Coaching module is for those who have completed the Coaching Accreditation Program Phases 1-3, Online Coaching Accreditation Program or Coaching in Leadership.

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