Sue Richards has worked in primary education for 37 years in various roles including classroom teacher, leading teacher, assistant principal, leadership coach and acting principal. She has coached leaders at her own and in other schools, supporting them in the development of their leadership skills and developing her own coaching capacity and commitment to the Growth model. She was also a Literacy / Numeracy Consultant for several years, working extensively with schools in the Geelong area implementing whole school change, particularly in the area of literacy learning.

Sue worked at Deakin University for six years as a sessional lecturer, delivering units in the Faculty of Education and Arts to students at all year level.

Sue was formerly an ELIC tutor before training to become an Early Years Co-ordinator and leader of literacy teaching and learning. Sue’s roles have included Curriculum Coordinator as well as Professional Development Coordinator. She led a science and sustainability initiative, developing and documenting a whole school approach to the teaching of the Integrated Curriculum.

Sue has led a Graduate Coaching program, supporting graduates in literacy teaching and learning and classroom management. She also conducted a series of professional learning workshops for graduates at a regional level. Sue is very committed to the provision of ongoing professional learning and support to beginning teachers and young leaders in order to build capacity and ensure a growth mindset. She believes in using the coaching strategy to promote professional conversations and build a positive learning culture in order to impact on student learning.

Sue holds a Bachelor of the Arts and a Bachelor of Education.