Sharon has been a practicing Psychologist for over 16 years. She began working as a Counsellor and an Educational and Developmental Psychologist in private practice. With a desire to engage a systems informed practice, she quickly moved into the education sector as a school psychologist.

Over the period of 15 years she has worked as a consultant to many schools in the areas of student and staff wellbeing, individual differences and differentiating teaching and learning. For the past 8 years, Sharon has held the position of Head of Wellbeing at a P-12 Independent School in Melbourne. This role has allowed her to utilise her training in organisational psychology, wellbeing science and developmental psychology.

Sharon’s current role is in the area of Student and Staff Development, where she has been working on co-constructing a Professional Development Framework within her school, using peer coaching to support greater wellbeing and authentic professional development opportunities for staff.

She is passionate about coaching individuals towards greater flourishing, self-awareness and enjoying a working life that aligns with one’s core values and strengths.

Sharon is a Registered Psychologist and also holds a Masters in Counselling, Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and is currently completing a PhD, exploring the promotion of teacher wellbeing using a coaching model to underpin professional development.