Robyn is an experienced accredited coach, educator, mentor, trainer and facilitator. She is an educator with over 30 years’ experience at all levels of education and in a variety of settings and organisations. She has been a school principal and has taught and lectured in anthropology/sociology, language and education at colleges and universities within Australia and overseas in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and in Brunei Darussalam.

As a result of some 25 years spent living and working in cultures other than her own, Robyn holds a keen and empathic understanding of the value of language, culture and clear communication to coaching conversations. This is particularly relevant in cross-cultural coaching conversations where trust, support and challenge are crucial. She is excited by the power of coaching to achieve greater self-awareness, transformative learning, clear outcomes and increased levels of self-efficacy, both for individuals and teams. Her coaching experience includes coaching educational leaders in Australia to develop leadership capacity, strategies and performance, coaching senior educational administrators internationally to restructure major governmental institutions and coaching organisations to achieve culture change.

Robyn has a Diploma of Teaching, and a Bachelor of Education from the Tasmania College of Advanced Education, Postgraduate Diploma in Aboriginal Education from James Cook University, Masters Preliminary and Masters Degree in Anthropology from Deakin University and a Graduate Certificate in Coaching Psychology from the University of East London. She has conducted cross-cultural seminars, presented papers at conferences and facilitated and led fact-finding delegations to the PRC and the Republic of China.