Pauline Zappulla

Pauline Zappulla is a coach and consultant with Growth Coaching International, specialising in the education sector. Her portfolio of work includes projects including executive coaching of school leaders and management leaders; designing and developing leadership programs; strategic planning in schools to boost performance; conflict management and mediation in schools; primary and secondary school reviews and the design and implementation of school improvement frameworks. Her expertise also covers National Curriculum transition, National Partnership programs and coaching aspiring leaders.

Pauline has a reputation for her strategic management and leadership skills. Her professional background as a regional manager, principal consultant, school principal, team leader, general curriculum adviser and teacher greatly enhances her capacity to support, upskill and inspire the people she works with. Pauline places high importance on enhancing individual and team capabilities, promoting professional conversations, building positive learning cultures and developing leadership teams.

She has a Masters of Education (Leadership and Administration, Education) from the University of Melbourne; and a Bachelor of Humanities (La Trobe University).