John Campbell is the Founding Director of Growth Coaching International (GCI), an organisation that provides coaching and coaching services to school leaders and teachers across Australia and now in NZ, the UK, the Middle East, Spain and Central and South America.

John has been a high school teacher, a curriculum development advisor, a management consultant in the corporate sector and from 2004-2018 was involved in leading the GCI work across Australia. During that period over 60,000 school leaders participated in GCI professional learning programs.

He has co-authored, with Prof Christian van Nieuwerburgh, The Leaders’ Guide to Coaching in Schools: Creating Conditions for Effective Learning (Corwin, 2017). He is also the author of the chapters, ‘Coaching in Schools’ and ‘The GROWTH Model: A Framework for Practitioners’ in Coaching in Professional Contexts, (Sage,2016), and with Prof Christian van Nieuwerburgh and Dr Jim Knight, ‘Coaching in Education’, in Professional Coaching: Principles and Practice (Springer, 2018).

He regularly speaks at ‘coaching in education’ events and conferences across Australia and has led workshops and conference keynotes in NZ, the UK, Spain, Asia and the US.

In addition to his teaching degrees, he holds master’s degrees in organizational communication (UTS) and in the psychology of coaching from the University of Sydney.

As Founding Director, he is no longer directly involved in the operational side of GCI but rather spends his time writing about and researching ‘coaching in education’ related topics.

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