Irene is an accredited Growth Coaching International coach and consultant based in Queensland working primarily with the education and private sector across Eastern Australia. She brings to her coaching skills extensive experience in educational leadership and development.

Irene has a career background within the Department of Education, Tasmania that includes Branch Director, District Superintendent, Curriculum Manager, Educational Performance Service Manager, Principal of Senior Secondary and Primary Schools. Currently she works as a coach and education consultant bringing her expansive knowledge, skills and experience to coaching individuals and teams.

Irene’s passion for learning and nurturing other’s growth and development motivates her to use coaching at both the individual and organisational level to improve performance.

Recent work has included: Coaching as part of Teacher Performance and Development in schools; Training school staff in co-coaching to develop a feedback culture in schools; Coaching as part of an Aspiring Leadership program to establish and implement their goals from 360º tools; Co-designing and facilitating a leadership team program for a number of systemic schools; Using coaching to enhance career opportunities; Facilitating leadership programs for principals and middle managers based on coaching for improved performance; Past Chair: Tasmanian Framework Advisory Council advising the Minister in relation to the development and review of the senior secondary accreditation framework.

Particular involvement in 2019-2022 includes: Bastow ‘Coaching on Demand’ Program; Coaching of CAP Phase 4 participants and the new Intensive Coaching Module 2022; interviewing NSW principals as part of an evaluation program of Director, Leadership role; and Coaching within the Victorian Academy Leading School Improvement Program 2022.

Irene is an Accredited Growth Coaching International Coach and EMCC Senior Practitioner and has undertaken courses including Coaching Mastery, Introduction to Team Coaching, Coaching as Reflective Practitioner, Co-Coaching: Conversations about teaching practice, GCI Solutions Focus Master Class, SF Strategy Canvas, and attendance at National Coaching Education Conferences. She also participates in International Conferences through WBECS, and EMCC Asia.