Geoff is an accredited executive coach and highly experienced and credentialed former educational leader and teacher with more than thirty-eight years’ experience in leadership and management in NSW secondary schools. He has developed a strong interest in the benefits of coaching to the professional growth of school leaders, teachers and school administrative and support staff.

During his twenty-three years at a senior executive level in schools, including fifteen years as principal, Geoff has built a deep knowledge and understanding of educational systems and the learning needs of staff. This has enabled him to guide and support the development of effective and sustainable leadership capacity and density within a range of schools. He believes that coaching facilitates the creation of highly effective teams which are then equipped to develop and implement innovative programs designed to improve student learning outcomes.

Geoff co-designed and led a research study which showed the benefits of coaching for teachers and school leaders who are seeking promotion to higher leadership positions.

Geoff’s special areas of interest include: leadership development of teachers and executive; using the growth coaching model to support school staff in setting achievable professional goals within the Performance Development Framework; and building sustainable capacity of school teams, supporting staff toward career enhancement and promotion.

Geoff holds a Bachelor of Economics from Sydney University and a Diploma of Education from Sydney Teachers College. He also has a Master of Arts from Macquarie University. He has an Executive Coaching Accreditation from Growth Coaching International as well as Solutions Focus Master Class accreditation. Geoff is also a NSW Justice of the Peace.