Dr Kristine Needham

Kris has worked as an accredited executive coach has an extensive professional background in educational leadership. Her areas of expertise are in professional learning, workplace learning and action research. As a person with a passion for supporting others to be the best they can, Kris bases her work on bringing together ‘the head, the heart and the hand’ to combine the best of current research with a practical, contextualised and empathic approach. Kris has a personalised style that is warm, insightful and practical.

Kris has experience in developing and facilitating professional development activities for newly appointed leaders and aspiring leaders, including mentoring, teambuilding and change. She has co-authored and delivered a course for trainers of mentors across the state in the public sector. Kris continues to co-write and facilitate online courses for school leaders. Her professional background in schools, policy areas, project management and partnerships and her familiarity with current research provide her with an appreciation of the issues and contexts faced by many of her clients.

Kris has been a school principal, education consultant, researcher and advisor. Kris has a particular interest in developing high performing teams, in building organisational capacity for change and in effective, continuing workplace learning for professional growth.