Cath Grealy is a senior consultant for GCI. Her role is to liaise with clients to determine their needs, the scope and logistics of in-house training opportunities, to model highly effective coaching practice and to facilitate coaching courses.

After gaining coaching accreditation through Growth Coaching International in 2010, Cath began her own consulting practice in 2018 after a long career in Education as a teacher, curriculum support teacher, Education Officer and professional learning facilitator and consultant. As well as being an Accredited Coach, she holds a Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood), a Bachelor of Educational Studies and Masters of Learning Innovation.

She is best known for her coaching expertise and courses for consultants. She co-facilitated The Art & Science of Consulting course for Education Officers in Brisbane Catholic Education for several years. She is passionate about using a coaching approach to turn groups into teams, build managers into leaders and to magnify professional learning. She facilitates professional learning with empathy, honesty and humour.

Besides coaching, Cath sings in a choir and braves the cold to do deep water running all year round.