Students Coaching Students with Natasha Mercer – St Ives High School

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Back in December 2021 I had the privilege of interviewing Alison Spence, Principal of Kohia Terrace School in Auckland New Zealand. In that episode we were joined by some of Alison’s primary students to hear of the fantastic impact of their ‘students coaching students’ programme. In this episode I am excited to re-visit the whole concept of students coaching students but this time at secondary school level. To talk us through a fascinating coaching journey, I’m delighted to be joined by Natasha Mercer. Natasha is Head Teacher of Teaching and Learning at St Ives High School in Sydney Australia and in this episode she takes us through both the challenges and the significant benefits of developing a programme in school where students coach other students. If you are considering what students coaching students might look like in your school then this is a must listen. Enjoy.🎧

Richard Reid – Podcast Host.