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Margaret Barr

Lead Associate Scotland

Margaret is a coach and a teacher. Her MSc in Coaching Psychology is from the University of East London.

Until 2012 Margaret was the head teacher of a city secondary school, and she was formerly a teacher of business education and economics.

Her roles have also included mentor and field assessor for candidates studying for the Scottish Qualification for Headship at the University of Glasgow, and mentor to new head teachers.

Supporting the implementation of Professional Update for teachers in Scotland, she has wide experience of facilitating workshops for teachers who are learning to use a coaching approach to leadership and management. She believes that coaching is a powerful approach for leadership at all levels – school leaders, teachers, children and young people, parents and other partners.

A lifelong learner, Margaret is interested in appreciative inquiry, solution-focused work, goal-setting, positive psychology and the use of strengths. She is qualified to use mental toughness assessments, and is also a certified thinking partner. She continues to participate in academic research.

Margaret is motivated by opportunities to make evidence-based coaching accessible and applicable to the user’s own context, so that the investment in coaching leads to results which are truly transformational.

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