Growth Coaching United Kingdom

Our Story

Who is Growth Coaching?

Growth Coaching began as a coaching focused consultancy in Sydney, Australia in 2002. Founded as Australian Growth Coaching by Mandy O’Bree, the name changed to Growth Coaching International in 2009 to reflect increasing projects beyond Australia.

From the beginning Growth Coaching had a strong focus on coaching and coach training in educational contexts but since 2009 coaching in education has been our exclusive focus. (A sister company Growth Leadership Solutions provides coaching and leadership development programmes for corporate and government clients.)

Since 2002 the company has experienced considerable growth with now over 40 staff and associates located across Australia and New Zealand. In 2014 alone over 800 people participated in our Coaching Accreditation Programme with over 7000 people attending other workshops. Headquartered in Sydney we also have offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth with affiliates in Auckland, New Zealand. In January 2015 we opened an office in the UK.

Our core purpose is "enhancing the quality of conversations in school communities" since we believe that changing the nature of both formal and informal conversations in the various relational contexts in schools is a cornerstone of school improvement.