Growth Coaching United Kingdom

Creating a culture of professional improvement, feedback and growth

Have you ever talked with committed and effective teachers about why they do what they do? Or what makes them curious about their work? Or why they are inquiring and reflective practitioners? A common response is that teachers want to do their best for their students.

Enhancing the positive impact of professional standards

How can coaching enhance the positive impact of professional standards for teaching? Professional standards give us a shared language to talk about our knowledge, values, skills and practices as teachers. Although they can be used as a benchmark of teacher competence or a basis for performance review, they have the potential to contribute much more.

It is all about the conversation

Increasingly the leadership literature is highlighting the importance of 'the conversation' as a key way in which organisations move forward and leaders lead. In many ways we could view schools as a whole series of short and long conversations moments. Our schools are dynamic, complex relational systems rather than mechanical 'things' that always work in ordered and logical ways.

The way of being that makes a difference

Coaching can have such a positive impact in schools. Many people can remember an educator who has had a lasting, positive impact on them. Usually, it is a favourite teacher, a supportive teaching assistant or the encouraging sports coach.